Loan without credit bureau information

While loans without Credit Bureau were previously considered unacceptable, they are now more than sought after on the Internet. Credit providers are happy to see consumers who are struggling with a bad Credit Bureau. The loan without Credit Bureau information can be granted online as a convenient instant loan.

The credit request only needs to be entered using the bank’s online form. The check procedures are carried out automatically so that the loan application arrives at the loan seeker after a few minutes. A few years ago, the loan without Credit Bureau information was only possible as a foreign loan through Swiss lenders, but today there are also German banks that do without a customer credit check. But despite all the simplicity of how the loan approval is advertised, it should be responded to with care by the individual provider. Because there are dubious providers on the Internet who, with flimsy promises, want nothing more than to pull the money out of their customers’ pockets. A loan rarely comes about.

The credit without Credit Bureau information

The credit without Credit Bureau information

Before taking out a Credit Bureau-free loan, a loan comparison of the individual providers should be made. The adequate providers can be filtered out from the conditions and interest. The loan without Credit Bureau information, also called Swiss credit, should not be confused with a personal loan. With these loan offers, a private individual lends a certain amount of money to another person and can, in return, charge interest on it. The comparison of different loans must be free of charge for the customer.

Neither costs for the loan comparison nor for mediation to a donor may arise. Credit brokers who require a placement fee before the loan approval should be refrained from. If the fee is paid, fraudulent credit intermediaries do not transfer the loan amount and the loan seeker has higher debts than before. Likewise, it is not common for the loan seeker to be paid a paid home visit. The reputable credit broker advises its customers on a free telephone hotline. Insurance contracts or building society contracts that are dependent on a loan commitment are also not permitted. The loan without Credit Bureau information is the last chance for many loan seekers to get out of financial difficulties.

But it also has some special features that have to be fulfilled. Not everyone is predestined to get a loan without Credit Bureau information. It is only employees and civil servants who can prove a seizeable income. An unemployed person who receives unemployment benefit does not belong to this group of people because the remuneration from the job center is not attachable. If you have a bad Credit Bureau, you can use this form of credit. He can also be sure that no Credit Bureau query will be carried out because Swiss banks have no insight into German Credit Bureau, and no credit will be entered.

The application and the conditions

The application and the conditions

The application is easy; all you need to do is fill out an online form and send it to the credit intermediary. The intermediary makes a non-binding loan commitment based on the personal data that the loan seeker must enter in the application. Only after the loan offer has been accepted is the loan contract signed and sent to the lender with the required proof of creditworthiness (proof of salary, account statements, open-ended employment contract).

This will make the final check of the loan and then the promise and instruction of the money will be made. The prerequisites for a Swiss loan are income that is subject to social security contributions, which stems from permanent employment and is above the garnishment exemption limit. Since the loan is secured solely by income, a transfer of wages must be signed. If there is a credit default, the immediate attachment of wages comes into force. To avoid this embarrassment, these loans should be paid particularly correctly.

A loan without Credit Bureau information is limited in its credit amount. There are 3,500 USD or a maximum of 5,000 USD depending on the creditworthiness. If you take out a loan of over 5,000 USD, you must prove a net income of 1,600 USD as a single person. There is also an age limit for this type of loan. The applicant must above all be 18 years old and must not have been older than 58 to at most 60 years of age. The loan is only granted to applicants who are resident in Germany.

Conclusion: A loan seeker should note that the loan without Credit Bureau information is more expensive than a normal loan, plus the agency’s agency fees. Anyone who has otherwise always met their financial obligations and has only a “small” negative characteristic in the Credit Bureau can try to get a normal loan through a German bank. In addition, everyone who applies for loans more often should have Credit Bureau information sent to them once a year. Any entries that have long been completed can then be deleted and the credit rating increases.