Rent a car for minutes. When does it pay off?

In Western Europe, car rental has been operating for a long time, it is just crawling with us. For the time being, little is known about this service, which is why there are numerous articles on the web that will familiarize you with this service, as well as promoting and comparing companies that offer it. However, there is little information on who and in what situation rents a car for minutes, so we will try to analyze it.

What is this about?


In several major cities in Poland there are already several companies offering this service, including in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan as well as in the Tri-City. Cars can be picked up from the company’s base or from several designated locations located in different parts of the city. Earlier you can book them online using the application provided by the company. The location of cars is also visible there, so you can choose a convenient place for you.

The fee for renting a car per minute is calculated for the duration of use and for the number of kilometers traveled. It is worth remembering that the usage fee is also charged during parking, e.g. when we go shopping in the market or for dinner in a restaurant. We are not interested in refueling and the cost of fuel itself.

Who is useful to rent a car for minutes?


It is primarily an offer for people who do not have their own car and are mainly on public transport. Sometimes, however, they care about time or have to get to a place that requires driving with several transfers. The offer is also willingly used by people who do not live in one of these cities, and have come by train for business or family matters. They are not familiar with the local public transport, so they would have to use a taxi. Renting a car for minutes fills this niche as a much cheaper and available means of transport.

Renting a car for minutes can also benefit a resident of the capital, who commutes to work on a daily basis by subway, and only needs a car once a week to shop at the supermarket.

Small comparison of service prices


To date, there are two major players on the market for car rental companies by the minute. One of these companies offers a free-floating service, i.e. with the option of picking up and dropping off the vehicle anywhere. The customer who registers in the application can choose the nearest parked car. When he finds it, he must scan the QR code on it and check the side number, then the door will open automatically. You should also check the side number and general technical condition of the car, which must be described in a short survey. Every driver has 2 free minutes to start with, so we always manage to prepare properly for the ride. Each subsequent minute costs 50 groszy, and the kilometer driven 80 grosze. We will pay 10 groszy per minute for parking.

A second operating company makes it possible to collect a car from one of several dozen of its bases located in Warsaw. You also have to park your car there after driving. The prices here depend on the class of car we will rent and range from 48 to 75 grosze per minute of driving. Each kilometer costs 80 groszy and a minute of parking 12 groszy.

The estimated cost of traveling 15 km with such a rented car is about $ 9-12. This is of course a comparison of renting a car by the minute and using a taxi, not using your own car. However, this is only an estimate or theoretical calculation. When we get stuck in huge traffic jams, these savings disappear quickly, because you are charged a minute. So, the ride on the said 15 kilometers can cost $ 23.50 without traffic jams, or 39.50 for the twice as long travel time to the destination. So it can be said that car-sharing is a convenience, but the issue of profitability is strongly contractual.